Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Had enough of bedrest!

I'm Stephanie, 25 and pregnant, just starting this journal.

I'm now almost 38 weeks pregnant. I've been on bedrest for a few weeks now. I was swollen up like crazy, and then my BP went up. So now I'm stuck in bed. (Except when I sneak onto the computer of course!)

I'm so used to going and doing it makes me crazy to have to just stay in bed, I even have to ask for someone to get me water, I can only get up for the bathroom, and to go to the doctor 2x a week. I do get up now and then for a few minutes and sit at the computer or the table to eat, otherwise I get sore from being in bed.

My latest fun was I got an infection. I just wasn't feeling right and started having bad headaches (which is a sign of Pre Eclampsia, something they have worried about with my elevated BP and swelling.) So we went to Labor and Delivery the other night. They hooked me up to the monitors, the baby was fine and my BP wasn't bad. I was pretty uncomfortable and miserable. The nurse then asked me "are you feeling the contractions you're having??" I felt like an idiot. Turns out a bunch of my discomfort was me contracting. They weren't regular enough to be labor though. So after monitoring me and doing tests it turns out I'm not pre eclamptic, but I have a urinary tract infection! Which is why I was feeling so miserable. I assumed it was just typical 9th month pregnancy to be miserable. So now I have to drink even more water, which makes me swell even more, and take antibiotics.

I'm really hoping that we can just get on with this and have this baby soon. If my BP goes higher or the amniotic fluid gets low again we'll have to induce or do a c section. So far though she just doesnt want to come out! Oh well maybe I'll get better news at my next appointment.

Steph :-)

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