Saturday, May 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Melt in your Mouth Meat Loaf, Salad, Frozen veggies

Tuesday: Avocado Chicken, Banana Bread, Brown Rice, salad

Wednesday: Pasta, veggies, salad

Thursday, Crockpot stew, Rolls,

Friday: Pizza/leftovers

Saturday: Turkey burgers, red potatoes, fruit

Sunday: Teriyaki Chicken, Salad, Veggies

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm alive!

Moving is a pain but it's worth it. A large portion of our stuff is unpacked, although the garage still appears to be filled with junk. The kids are settled in their rooms, and sleeping pretty well. No more waking each other up all night. We've had lots of little projects completed already, a new water heater has been installed, the cable and phone lines have been rerun, and a few electrical things have been fixed. We've bought new furniture, repainted almost the whole interior of the house, and ordered all new windows. The windows should be installed in a few weeks, and I think that will make a huge difference with the noise and the heat this summer. Next we'll be working on the yard and then deciding how much to redo in the kitchen. We already have new appliances, but I'm not crazy about the cabinets and counters, so we'll see what happens. We also need to have the electrician back in so we can get ceiling fans put in.

The guest room had it's first visitors this weekend.(Although they had to sleep on air mattresses because we don't have a bed in there yet! Ha.) My brother in law and nephew drove out from Arizona. It was nice to see them, and Amelia had so much fun with Uncle Jim. She was so sad after they left, she told me she wanted them to come back "right now!" :-) We took them to the beach, and they had to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach to get cupcakes to take back to my niece Sara. I tried one, and while it was good, I'm not sure they were worth the price. Nine cupcakes cost me $27!

Anyway, posts will probably still be few and far between for a while until I get a little more organized around here.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today's to do list

  • Submit Change of address form to USPS
  • Change address with all of our accounts (figure them all out later)
  • Turn on electric, water, gas
  • Get garbage service started(This literally took 5 phone calls by me and 3 more by Jeff. Who knew there were so many Garbage companies in Riverside...
  • Reserve moving truck
  • Hire movers
  • Pack the kitchen
  • Set up carpet cleaning for next week
  • Set up cleaners
  • Finish pulling nails and patching holes
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Clean kids bathroom
  • Finish packing kids room (except clothes)
  • Finish painting
  • Clean kitchen

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shhh, don't tell!

I'm totally hiding out from Jeff and the kids. At 5AM Jeff and I got into a little argument about who was getting up with Anthony.

Yesterday, I got up with the kids and Jeff stayed in bed. He's so nice and sweet when I'm leaving with the kids. The kids and I even went and got donuts at 6 AM, and took the really long way around, and got donuts from a bakery across town, so he could sleep. Then I cleaned and did laundry and watched the kids while he slept.

Fast forward to this morning when he's all irritated that I want him to get up with Anthony today. He did eventually get up with him after he bitched for a bit. Following his exit from the bedroom, they have been back to "visit Mommy" three times. So I gave up. At 715 I finally got out of bed. But I still want some quiet time. And I know that as soon as I go out into the living room, Jeff will run as fast as he can back to bed, not to be moved until noon. So, this is how I find myself at the desk in my room, in my pajamas, reading TMZ and blogging, while hiding from my children. Good times!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hey Grandma

This morning Amelia and ( and some bears and a stuffed dog) had a tea party on the floor. We took these pics to show Grandma. :-)

The things kids say

The kids and I were sitting at the table, they were eating cereal and I was still waking up, when Jeff left for work this morning. After he made his way out the front door, arms full of his laptop, his lunch and the trash, Amelia looked at me and sighed. She followed that with, "Mama, I'm gonna miss that little fella."

I'm still laughing. I'm going to make a guess that this was the first time anyone has ever called Jeff a little fella. :-)