Monday, September 18, 2006

First week weight loss

I love how when I get back to eating healthy, I lose a huge amount the first week. 6.6 pounds. wahoo. Now if only I could lose like that every week. I'd be at goal in no time. lol

new house pictures

I know everyone else is just as excited as I am that we are moving. We went and measured at the new condo yesterday, and I took a few pictures. The green carpet in the pics will be gone before we move in, it will be just a nice neutral color.

Purple anyone? This is the master bedroom and bath. It's pretty bright. The colors are okay, but I'm not sure how I feel about them in my bedroom. I'm not sure if i want to mess with painting though.

IT's not as bad in real life as it looks in the pictures, and it is a nice sized bedroom. I also love the two closets.

here is a picture of the livingroom entry way.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I have been a bad blogger ever since I got back home. Not sure what thats about. And now I have an excuse, my computer died. I'm going to try and reinstall windows, but I'm not real hopeful that will work. I think my hard drive is toast.

Onto another topic, since I'm back home, I'm back on track with my diet. I know I shouldn't call it a diet, it has to be a life style change, but I still call it a diet. Even when I'm not strictly following my diet, I can tell how much my eating has changed. I'm about 5 pounds above the lowest weight I got to, not bad for a month of stress filled eating. It's always hard for me when I'm away from home. It was hot at mom's so I wasn't as good at cooking as I am at home. ( Mom doesn't have AC, so when it's 98 degrees out, the stove does not come on.) At home when it's hot I just turn on the air when I turn on the oven. LOL So anyway, I'm going to start over with my eating. I'm going through all the beginning weight watchers stuff to get my head in the right place. Monday will be my weigh in day. I'm also going to start a new weight loss ticker. I see that I'm down 60 pounds, and I get complacent. Maybe seeing myself starting at 0 will make me less so. I did some yoga this morning. It's a great one to do with Amelia helping, much easier than doing kickboxing with a toddler.

I'm hoping that once I get moved, I can go walking with kathy and maybe Stacy more often. It's always so much easier to work out when I have someone I have to meet there. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to the gym together.

I'm really excited about our upcoming move. Well I'm excited about the condo, not excited about actually moving. Moving stresses me out. I keep trying to get jeff to understand that it really overwhelms me and I need his help. So far thats not going so well, but I'm sure at the last minute he'll have all this energy and be throwing stuff in boxes like a mad man. Which is a good thing, by then I'll be so sick of boxes and packing tape that I won't even mind. LOL

I'm stuck home during the day right now, Jeff got into a car accident. Insurance is taking care of it all, but right now I"m stuck home carless, since he has to have a vehicle for work. I'm contemplating renting a car, but it seems wasteful since I don't HAVE to drive anywhere. And stuff is close, in theory I could walk to the grocery store with Amelia in the stroller.