Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Before I had Amelia, I never knew how little sleep one could survive on. I swear we were up and down with Amelia about 15 times last night. Of course I couldn't go back to sleep every time I got woke up, I'd lay there and think about how tired I was and that it was already 2 3 or 4 am and I had to get up soon. There really isn't enough Diet Coke in the world to keep me going on high energy today. The kids aren't all in great moods either today. At least they are all sleeping at the same time though.

So it turns out my friend Mic has a talented photographer for a husband. He set up a photo studio in their dining room last weekend and we got more Christmas pictures taken. There are some really great ones of Amelia, they turned out really cute, now I have to decide if I want to use one of them for the Christmas card picture, or still use the one of Amelia with the Santa Hat. At least I didn't have to go pay someone at the mall a fortune to take so so pictures. I can't believe how grown up my baby is!

On another topic, I know I shouldn't complain about Jeff in my blog, however it's my blog, and he is welcome to set up his own, so here it is. I hate it when he starts big projects at krappy times and then gets mad that I'm not thankful that he sort of did something. I have been whining ( yes I know I shouldn't whine) since we moved that I wanted to switch bedrooms with Amelia. Her closet was bigger, and her bathroom had only a shower, while ours had the bathtub. Her room was also really cold and I was worried that was why she wasn't sleeping well. So anyway, Jeff decided Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend to rearrange the furniture. He started it while I was out running errands. He said it was a surprise for me. I think it was really sweet of him to think of doing it for me, but he started at 4 oclock on Sunday. It's now Tuesday night and both bedrooms are still a wreck. Our clothes are still all in her new closet, nothing is where it's going in her room and none of us are sleeping well. I know I should be thankful that he took on moving all the furniture and stuff on his own, but it's really frustrating that I can't even get to the closet in her room because there is so much stuff in the way. I'm working late tonight so he's going to try and get it finished before Amelia and I get home, because pretty much as soon as I get home from work she goes to bed, and we can't do much in her room with her in there sleeping.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Xmas cards again

Here is the actual picture that I think we are going to use for the xmas card, I guess I forgot to post it earlier.
It totally shows her personality... "Forget you mom, I'm not wearing this stupid hat..."


Have you all seen Frappr? I think it stands for Friend Mapper or something like that, anyway it's a map that shows where everyone in a group is located. I set one up for my blog to see who's reading. So come one all you readers out there, add yourself to my Frappr

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas Card Pictures

So my plan for Xmas card pictures was to just go to Sears and get Amelias portraits done and buy cards there. Well then I heard how much it would cost, and decided I wanted to try it on my own first. Sears charges 34.99 for 20 cards. OMG thats just insane. Plus you all know we won't get out of there without spending a few hundred on the portraits not to mention the cards that cost almost 2.00 each. At walmart.com ( I KNOW Walmart is evil. However, they are what I can afford!! lol) Anyway, at Walmart they are $.33 So I took a bunch of pictures of Amelia in her Christmas dress sitting in her rocker. They turned out pretty good! She was so funny though. She did not want the Santa hat on her head, and she did not want to sit down for the pictures. I have a couple of pictures of her standing up in the rocker, and one of her down on her tummy trying to figure out how to get down. So anyway, here are a few pics we took that day.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Finally some new pictures...

These are from our trip to Oregon for the kids' birthday party.

We survived!

So we survived the move! I wasn't sure a few times but we did it. I think the biggest thing was thinking we could pack and move and be out of our old apartment in 2 weeks. We somehow managed. I must say I was pretty stressed out about it all, and probably not the nicest wife in the world. At least I apologized for being psycho and stressed out. :-)

I love our new place. It's so much bigger, and more open. And it really feels like the living space is really seperate from the bedrooms. We can watch TV or listen to music or talk at a reasonable volume and not worry about Amelia waking up. I'm also loving the attached garage. My only complaint is our closet is too small. I keep trying to convince Jeff that we should switch bedrooms with Amelia, her closet has 8 feet more hanging space ( I measured it!!) than ours does. Her bathroom is also the one with only a shower, and ours has a tub. So that would also probably be better. I don't think he's too big on moving all the furniture. I thought about just moving most of it while he's gone at work one day, but I'm not sure how well that would go over. :-)

I also finally weighed myself this morning... I had expected to see a big gain. We were eating out a ton since the kitchen was all packed and I'm definitely a stress eater. However I stayed the same, no loss no gain in the last two weeks. So at least I don't have even more to take off to get back to where I was.

I'll write more later, I hear Amelia waking up.