Thursday, October 24, 2013

Howling at the moon.

I can't go to bed yet! I haven't had enough time to practice my howling.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Little A was in the tub playing with his new pirate ship. 
"Mom. Mooom.  I need you now Mom."
" What do you need?"
" I really need my earplugs. Ya know the ones from swimming lessons so my ears don't get wet and hurt?"
"Why? Are your ears hurting?"
"No. My earplugs are
 very bright and 
orange. They'd make great buoys. "

at least he's creative...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meal time.

"Dad, I'm hungry. Really hungry  I want a meal. "
"How about some carrots?"
"That's not a meal."
"Dad!  That's not a meal. How about ice cream? I think that's a meal."

Kids say...

My children are currently playing in the back yard. Little A is a wild boy that big A found in the forest. She's teaching him about life. He's currently living in the peach tree. He just discovered the patio table and I overheard this conversation. 

"Ooh this is a table." 

"You don't know what a table is. Remember?"

"Oh. Right.  What is this thing?"

"A table."

 "Oooh a table!"

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Random little A

"Hes at work too much. We're like a flock of birds and he keeps getting carried off by the farmer."

"And Clarissa [the cat] is a chicken."

Okay kid. Whatever you say. 

Just another day...

Him: just give me 2 pills out of that bottle.
Her: are you sure? These expired 7 years ago
Him: (looks at her likes she's stupid) 
Her: (gives him the pills) 7 years!  Really?

30 minutes later...

Him: are you sure you gave me the right pills? They're not working

Her: (pounds forhead against something hard...) you do realize the expiration date is there for a reason right?

Him: should i take another one?