Friday, August 31, 2007

Would it be silly to buy this for the baby? He may not even be born yet on Halloween. But he might be! LOL

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amelia trying out her brother's new crib.

She is obsessed with his crib. Although for now she thinks it's for me to sleep in. :-) Those pictures are hanging above the crib are driving me crazy. I measured. I used the level. I can not get them to hang straight or to be even. Grrrrr I may move them over the changing table and hang the quilt over the crib. The pictures actually look a little small over the crib...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ebay is so slow to get auctions up. If I have the direct URL I can view the auction, but if I search by my seller name, it only brings up some of my auctions. I am paying for a 7 day listing, it should show up for 7 days. Not 6 or so.

Here is the direct link to my korker bows.
I finally put more auctions on ebay. I even have a new one this time.

Go see them here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rocker me!!

Earlier today Amelia came up to me and said "Mama your rocker me, on a treetop." ( Please rock me and sing Rock a bye baby on the treetop)

So I pick her up and hold her, the same way you'd snuggle a newborn in the crook of your arm. Then I rock her back and forth and sing Rock a baby baby. After I stop singing she says "Try again!" So I do. We do that three or four times. Each time she tells me to "Try again." After the fourth time she meows, tells me she is a kitty, then licks my arm and scampers off.

My sweet girl is no longer a baby, but sometimes she still needs her Mommy. Sometimes I need the snuggling as much as she does.
And I can only imagine what other things she has to show me as she grows up.
This is why we live on one income and I stay home.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The joys of pregnancy.

This is totally turning into one of those "I'm pregnant and I'm going to complain about it" type blogs. If you don't like to hear about the pregnancy krap, come back in a few months. It will be over soon. Then you're all safe since this is our last pregnancy!

I did pretty much nothing today. It's Jeff's birthday so we got his presents and card together, but other than that, I sat on my toosh all day. Why do I feel like I ran a marathon or something? I'm also really swollen today. Not just my feet either, my rings are tight, I may not get them off tonight.

I'm also having contractions. They aren't close enough to be anything other than a pain, but they still suck. The doc said unless they are 10 minutes or less apart, or really painful not to go to Labor and Delivery. They are pretty uncomfortable, but bearable, and holding steady at 11 minutes apart. At least tomorrow we have playgroup, which means I can sit on my butt some more,and hang out with my friends while Amelia gets rid of some energy. One good thing is this kid is so active. He is constantly be bopping around in there, so I don't worry too much about him. Maybe he has more fluid than Amelia did? She consistently had lower levels of amniotic fluid. I just don't remember her moving so much. And I don't remember feeling her all over the place either. I think he is pretty long already, I will simultaneously feel movement at the very top and the very bottom of my belly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Apparently I need to have a calendar handy when I'm posting blogs.

My due date is Nov 10th, which means earliest they will let me have the kid is the third which is a Saturday. So probably won't get to schedule it until at least Nov. 5th. Which by the way, is my niece Emma's birthday.

It seems to be cooling off around here. That or the AC is working better. Or maybe I've adjusted a little. We're actually going to the park today. Woohoo.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It hot..

I'm tired, and I don't like summer any more. It's too hot to be outside doing anything. My AC can't seem to keep up with the heat either. It just runs and runs. Which is totally not energy efficient, but it's 80 something degrees in here and I'm hot. It is blowing cold air, just can't seem to keep up with the huge ceilings and the lack of energy efficient windows and insulation. I'm afraid to use the oven for fear the whole kitchen will just burst into flames from the heat. If it gets any hotter in here, I'm moving to Oregon.

On the plus side, I had another checkup Friday. The US went well, baby is measuring at 3 pounds, and I will start my twice a week appointments at 32 weeks. The only downside is they changed my due date. Apparently the tech who did my US originally to date the pregnancy wrote one date on the Ultrasound, and put something else in the computer. The doctor I saw Friday looked at the US and changed my date. I'm now due November 11th. That is so not fair! LOL

I'm thinking that can't be right though, because that means I was about 10 minutes pregnant when I got a positive pregnancy test. I was not even late yet when I tested, based on the dates I thought it was, it was only two weeks after conception that I got the positive. Based on the new date, I got a positive test about 10 minutes after conception. LOL so anyway, my earliest date for c section is now Nov 4th. Sucks to be me!! LOL


Friday, August 10, 2007

I try to be good and avoid Gymboree when I can. It's entirely too easy to spend a fortune on cute clothes there. And since my kid is two and grows out of things quickly these days, it's not real cost effective. But once things go on sale, I just can't resist.

I ordered this stuff for Amelia...

and this outfit for Anthony.

Not bad for $35 eh? Especially since the one dress at regular price was probably more than that.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm back...

and I'm nesting. Big time. Jeff's mom is arriving Saturday, and I should be working on cleaning main areas of the house, since the cleaners haven't been here in a month and don't come until Monday. (darn vacations throw everything off!) but instead, I spent all day yesterday putting together the changing table dresser for the baby. And today, Amelia and I went and picked up the crib bedding. It's all i can do to not spend the rest of today putting together the crib. I just spent the last half hour on ebay ordering some prints and a clock to go with the bedding. I'm only 28 weeks, this kiddo should be in there for another 2 or 3 months. Maybe it's because of the umbilical cord issues, and them telling me there is a chance he'll be really early and or really small. I just have this desire to get everything ready for him right now. And it's making me crazy. Or maybe it's because I'm a stay at home mom now, and I have too much time at home. We've all been sick so haven't been able to do our normal playgroup stuff.

I don't need a clean house do I? (and yes I already tried to get the cleaners to come tomorrow. They haven't called me back.)I did however clean a big chunk of Amelia's carpet this morning. LOL

I should probably go clean my kitchen up so I can make some dinner...