Thursday, August 23, 2007

The joys of pregnancy.

This is totally turning into one of those "I'm pregnant and I'm going to complain about it" type blogs. If you don't like to hear about the pregnancy krap, come back in a few months. It will be over soon. Then you're all safe since this is our last pregnancy!

I did pretty much nothing today. It's Jeff's birthday so we got his presents and card together, but other than that, I sat on my toosh all day. Why do I feel like I ran a marathon or something? I'm also really swollen today. Not just my feet either, my rings are tight, I may not get them off tonight.

I'm also having contractions. They aren't close enough to be anything other than a pain, but they still suck. The doc said unless they are 10 minutes or less apart, or really painful not to go to Labor and Delivery. They are pretty uncomfortable, but bearable, and holding steady at 11 minutes apart. At least tomorrow we have playgroup, which means I can sit on my butt some more,and hang out with my friends while Amelia gets rid of some energy. One good thing is this kid is so active. He is constantly be bopping around in there, so I don't worry too much about him. Maybe he has more fluid than Amelia did? She consistently had lower levels of amniotic fluid. I just don't remember her moving so much. And I don't remember feeling her all over the place either. I think he is pretty long already, I will simultaneously feel movement at the very top and the very bottom of my belly.

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