Friday, August 24, 2007

Rocker me!!

Earlier today Amelia came up to me and said "Mama your rocker me, on a treetop." ( Please rock me and sing Rock a bye baby on the treetop)

So I pick her up and hold her, the same way you'd snuggle a newborn in the crook of your arm. Then I rock her back and forth and sing Rock a baby baby. After I stop singing she says "Try again!" So I do. We do that three or four times. Each time she tells me to "Try again." After the fourth time she meows, tells me she is a kitty, then licks my arm and scampers off.

My sweet girl is no longer a baby, but sometimes she still needs her Mommy. Sometimes I need the snuggling as much as she does.
And I can only imagine what other things she has to show me as she grows up.
This is why we live on one income and I stay home.

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My float said...

That's so gorgeous! I love when they do cute little things like that. Except the arm licking - my son does it too and it drives me crazy!!

It's true that we need the snuggles. I kiss my son morning noon and night, and now he does the same to all the teachers at pre-school who keep admiring how he is so affectionate. The day will come when he won't want me to smother him in kisses :( so i'm makign the most of it now!

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