Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amelia trying out her brother's new crib.

She is obsessed with his crib. Although for now she thinks it's for me to sleep in. :-) Those pictures are hanging above the crib are driving me crazy. I measured. I used the level. I can not get them to hang straight or to be even. Grrrrr I may move them over the changing table and hang the quilt over the crib. The pictures actually look a little small over the crib...

1 comment: said...

Bella has the same castle Amelia has in that picture!

Where did you find the monkey pictures? I love them!

I think it looks great. I don't think those pictures look too small. If you had anything bigger, you would have to worry about accidents if it falls off the wall-- unless you did a quilt or cloth wall hanging.

I only worry about the accident thing because a picture did fall of the wall when Bella was little and gave her an ugly goose-egg on her head. The GUILT! Oh, the guilt still gets me.

That's the perfect size! Be sure to wrap them with styrofoam or another padding, just in case they do fall.

I'm kidding! I'm not that neurotic! ;-) Lol.