Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, what's for lunch?

It's still the beginning of the school year, and I'm already bored with packing school lunches. My kid can be kind of a picky eater, and I also try to send more home made type stuff and less of the prepackaged stuff. Here's a typical lunch for Amelia.

String cheese, nutrigrain bar, cucumbers, applesauce, a peach and some milk. Speaking of the milk, I found her drink bottles at some random place, RiteAid maybe, and I love them. They have a little frozen tube that goes in the bottle, so her drink stays cool even when it's 110 outside. Sometimes she has celery instead of cucumbers, and most of the time she has a PB&J on whole wheat. Although lately, we've been told no PB products, so now it's Sunbutter and Jelly. I think it's nasty, but she says it's good. Anyway, I'm running out of lunch ideas, what are your kids eating for lunch?

Oh and did I mention that when we pack Amelia's lunch each morning,we also have to pack one for Anthony? Even though it just goes in the fridge until lunch time. :-)

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