Saturday, August 21, 2010


On Friday our new little kitty Murphy died. He was fine Friday morning. By mid afternoon he was not doing well, not eating, lethargic etc. I knew he wasn't doing well so I got Ant up from his nap, put the kids in the car, grabbed Murphy and headed to the vet. He was sitting with me in the waiting room when he died. Poor kitty. Of course I was crying, the kids wanted to know why he wasn't coming home with us. I'd tried to explain to Amelia when we got him that he was little, only 4 weeks old, and he should be with his mama still and he might not live. I reiterated that a few times for her on Friday when he started acting weird. I'm sad, because we did everything we could. I feel a bit silly because we had him less than a week. But he was my little buddy, spent a lot of his time in the house curled up snuggling my neck. He'd been to the vet a few days before and was fine then. So anyway, that's how our weekend started off. Amelia and Jeff both wanted to go Friday night and get a new kitty but I told them I wanted to wait a few weeks before I was ready for another kitten.


Sarah said...

So sorry to hear that. At least he had a nice place where he was loved and taken care of for his short little life. You did a great thing.

Unknown said...

Very sad. Sorry to hear that!