Saturday, August 18, 2007

It hot..

I'm tired, and I don't like summer any more. It's too hot to be outside doing anything. My AC can't seem to keep up with the heat either. It just runs and runs. Which is totally not energy efficient, but it's 80 something degrees in here and I'm hot. It is blowing cold air, just can't seem to keep up with the huge ceilings and the lack of energy efficient windows and insulation. I'm afraid to use the oven for fear the whole kitchen will just burst into flames from the heat. If it gets any hotter in here, I'm moving to Oregon.

On the plus side, I had another checkup Friday. The US went well, baby is measuring at 3 pounds, and I will start my twice a week appointments at 32 weeks. The only downside is they changed my due date. Apparently the tech who did my US originally to date the pregnancy wrote one date on the Ultrasound, and put something else in the computer. The doctor I saw Friday looked at the US and changed my date. I'm now due November 11th. That is so not fair! LOL

I'm thinking that can't be right though, because that means I was about 10 minutes pregnant when I got a positive pregnancy test. I was not even late yet when I tested, based on the dates I thought it was, it was only two weeks after conception that I got the positive. Based on the new date, I got a positive test about 10 minutes after conception. LOL so anyway, my earliest date for c section is now Nov 4th. Sucks to be me!! LOL


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Oh, Steph! I'm so glad the ultrasound went well! That's fantastic news. I'm sorry they pushed the date back, but I know those ultrasounds aren't always so reliable.

Anothony is already 3 pounds, huh? That's amazing. Noah was only 4 pounds at birth and I was 34.5 weeks along. You might be having yourself a big, healthy boy there, Momma! Hopefully, for your sake, he isn't as big as Bella was! ;-) I had the biggest baby of all the January Pregnancy Gals in our group! 10.5 pounds. I think I was a little bit happy that Noah was smaller!