Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas Card Pictures

So my plan for Xmas card pictures was to just go to Sears and get Amelias portraits done and buy cards there. Well then I heard how much it would cost, and decided I wanted to try it on my own first. Sears charges 34.99 for 20 cards. OMG thats just insane. Plus you all know we won't get out of there without spending a few hundred on the portraits not to mention the cards that cost almost 2.00 each. At ( I KNOW Walmart is evil. However, they are what I can afford!! lol) Anyway, at Walmart they are $.33 So I took a bunch of pictures of Amelia in her Christmas dress sitting in her rocker. They turned out pretty good! She was so funny though. She did not want the Santa hat on her head, and she did not want to sit down for the pictures. I have a couple of pictures of her standing up in the rocker, and one of her down on her tummy trying to figure out how to get down. So anyway, here are a few pics we took that day.


Dreamspinner said...

Aww...cute pics. :)

Sarah said...

Those are adorable!!