Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shhh, don't tell!

I'm totally hiding out from Jeff and the kids. At 5AM Jeff and I got into a little argument about who was getting up with Anthony.

Yesterday, I got up with the kids and Jeff stayed in bed. He's so nice and sweet when I'm leaving with the kids. The kids and I even went and got donuts at 6 AM, and took the really long way around, and got donuts from a bakery across town, so he could sleep. Then I cleaned and did laundry and watched the kids while he slept.

Fast forward to this morning when he's all irritated that I want him to get up with Anthony today. He did eventually get up with him after he bitched for a bit. Following his exit from the bedroom, they have been back to "visit Mommy" three times. So I gave up. At 715 I finally got out of bed. But I still want some quiet time. And I know that as soon as I go out into the living room, Jeff will run as fast as he can back to bed, not to be moved until noon. So, this is how I find myself at the desk in my room, in my pajamas, reading TMZ and blogging, while hiding from my children. Good times!


Kathy said...

DUDE...I remember those days. Ken would get up with the kids on his day (normally Sundays) but he would let them come find mommy like 20 minutes after he got up with them...drove me batty! But thank god the kids sleep in until at least 7:30 nowadays or they go out and watch TV while we stay in bed. Just a few more years---uh, maybe longer with how much trouble little miss Amelia gets herself into.

Di said...

I HATE that. Why do they do that?

Amelia said...

That's way unfair. If it were Tony, we would totally have words.