Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Our trip

The trip up to Oregon went pretty well. Amelia and I flew out a 8 Thursday morning and returned at 11 pm Sunday night. She had a great time with her cousins, I can't believe how big all three girls have gotten! I'll post some pictures from the weekend later, I forgot my digital camera, so had to use regular film. I forgot what a pain it is to wait for film to be developed, dang I'm spoiled now. ha ha. Anyway it was a good trip.

The crazy part though was there was a thunder storm going on in SoCal Sunday evening. So we had to land in the middle of it. I actually was seeing lightning out the window of the plane! It was also really turbulent. Amelia did pretty well, didn't sleep at all. She got grouchy at the end of the flight, and the flight attendant gave her a cookie. I think he just wanted her to be quiet. :-) So my 9 month old ate a chocolate chip cookie. Oh well, just once won't kill her I guess. She sure liked it! We were both very chocolately by the time we landed. It was a really hard landing, I'm sure the runway was slippery from the storm which didn't help make it any smoother. On the way home from the airport Amelia finally crashed in the car. We watched the lightning across the sky all the way home. I was afraid to carry Amelia in from the car when we got home, the thunder and lightning were happening almost simultaneously. We finally just made a run for it. I think the next time I fly, I'm going to get Amelia a seat. She is too wiggley for my lap!!

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