Thursday, January 12, 2006

6:00 AM

That's what time Amelia decided we should all get up this morning. I heard her in there playing for a little while and finally went to check, she was standing up at the edge of her crib bouncing up and down squealing at me. As soon as I got within her reach, she grabbed on to me trying to hoist herself out of the crib. I should have known then, there was no hope for more sleep, but I decided I'd try and bring her to our bed. She has never really slept with us, and bringing her to our bed usually results in one of us (us being the adults not the baby) getting hurt. Today was no different. She laid down for about .2 seconds before standing up in between us. She wiggled and squirmed around, managing to elicit some yelps from Jeff. I think she poked him in the eye. I tried to convince Jeff that he should get up with her.

So at 6:15 we (we being Amelia and me, daddy was still sleeping) were up, and downstairs playing. Well Amelia was playing, and I was at the table scrapbooking... At least I got something accomplished since I got up so friggin early.

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Melanie said...

That's what happens when we bring munchkin to bed with us. I don't know how one of us hasn't gotten a black eye yet.