Friday, February 13, 2009

It's fixed!

Thank goodness we have two cars again. Jeff wanted to rent a car when his went in the shop on Wednesday, and I said no, we can share, the kids are sick, we can't go anywhere (no school or gymnastics this week for my little sicky:( )so just take my van. By tonight I was ready to scream. If I'd had my car today, I would have put the kids in it and driven around the block. I park in the garage, so it's not like they would have been exposed to the elements. LOL I don't know how I survived after Jeff's truck got hit and it was in the shop for a month. Maybe my sanity wasn't so fragile back when I only had one kid??

But anyway, the car is now fixed, no more blowing fuses and dying. It has new tires, a new valve cover something or other and a new sensor thing. All for the low low price of $800. It could have been much worse though so I'm not complaining.

So tomorrow is my anniversary. I had some stuff planned but it sounds like Jeff's not up for it. I'm a little bummed about that. Yes we're all sick, but we can still do some family stuff. I don't know how Jeff keeps getting so sick. Maybe we need to put up an aluminum fence installation around his cube to keep the sick people at bay? Amelia and I were making breakfast tomorrow, then we were going to go to HB and walk on the pier or walk around shops as long as it's not raining. ( I love the beach in the winter.) Then to the beef palace for some meat for dinner. Yes my husband is obsessed with this old fashioned butcher shop in HB. So since that plan is out now, I guess we'll probably just hang out at home tomorrow. Maybe I'll take the kids to the park if it's not raining.

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