Friday, November 04, 2011

He's four!

He wanted a Halloween Birthday Party.

He dressed up as a nocturnal firefighter and Grandma Toni came to visit.

Anthony got a ton of presents, a lot of cash, some gift cards and even some clothes.

We had a pinata in the park, crazy halloween cupcakes, and the kids dressed up (for a while, it got too hot for costumes.)

Lots of friends and half the kids in the neighborhood showed up. We do big birthday parties around here. People hang out all day. I think one friend was here for about 8 hours.

It was about 90 degrees that day, but it didn't stop anyone from having fun. The kids just drank extra Capri Suns and Green Slime Punch when they took breaks from the bouncer.

Jeff obviously had too much sugar.

Anthony thought it would be a good idea to show me his toes while I took a picture of him with the cupcakes. I swear there were no toes in the cupcakes!

In all it was a great day! Even though it's a lot of work, and I always spend too much money, I'm glad we do big parties for the kids.

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Unknown said...

Looks like a fun time!