Thursday, January 12, 2012

She's making me crazy..

Amelia has really gotten into the party planning for her birthday this year. The only problem is all the stuff she's planning doesn't really go together. She wants a PJ party during the day, but she wants a bouncer too. I'm not sure if parent's want their kids out playing in my yard in their PJ's. She wants to do girly stuff like makeup, and painted nails, but now she's got 2 boys she wants to invite. I'm tempted to tell her to just pick one kid and I'll take them both to Disneyland for the day and just be done with it. Or I could just do what we normally do for parties, have a bouncer and pinata, lots of food, lots of our friends and leave it at that. Maybe we'll save the sleepover style party for next year. What do your kids do for birthday parties? Are they big and crazy parties? Small family only gatherings? Tell me all about it. :-)