Saturday, May 10, 2014

Conversations where I beat my head against a wall.

J where do you want us to take you to eat on Mother's Day?
Me: I'd really like Sushi. 
J: ...

The day before Mother's Day, while we're sitting at J's favorite diner

J: did you decide where you want to go for Mother's Day? 
Me: somewhere that has sushi. 
J: but I don't like sushi. 
Me: I don't like diner food. 
J: ?

Theyll probably take me to eat at the diner for Mother's Day. Know what I really want? For someone else to do the dishes that are currently piled in the sink. And I want to sleep in tomorrow. The kids asked what I want for Mother's Day and I was very specific. I even had them repeat it back to me. :-) I told then I wanted to go to the natural history museum, or go drive up the mountain or go for a hike.  We'll probably watch tv. And I'll probably still get diner food. Or pizza. My babies love pizza. But they'll hug me and snuggle me and that will be the best present of all...


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