Sunday, November 12, 2017

I’m not ready

I think you should be in prison. You gave your baby meth. And heroin. And nicotine. by choosing to use while you were pregnant she was born addicted. I know you saw her a bit when she was first born. ( you know. When  you u were fighting with your baby daddy in the hospital and you were being nasty to the nurses because they wouldnt let  you breastfeed. Because, ya know, you had just had a positive pee test for meth. That Means you used within a few days of giving birth. And your breast milk wasn’t safe. ) so by the time she was two days old you’d  already taken off from the hospital. Remember? After the nurses reported it was a domestic violence situation. They were concerned that she was  starting to withdraw and needed to go  on methadone. Because ya know heroin is a bitch  to withdraw from. Especially when you’re a newborn. But you and baby daddy said no to etyadone. Because the hospital was just screwing with you. There was nothing wrong with her.


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