Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

I don't have my camera, so I'll add pictures to this once I get the camera. It's in the glove box of the truck, which is up in HB getting fixed.

I have decided that everyone who keeps telling us we should keep the truck is in cahoots. It seems like we just keep pouring money into it. I know it's paid off so thats a good thing, but still.

Last weekend we drove out to Arizona to see Jeff's brother and his family. I knew going there it was going to be hot. said it should be 98 in Tucson on Friday. I don't care that it's a "dry heat" it's still too hot. The part that really sucked though was sitting in the middle of the desert in the hot with no AC because the truck was dead. We stopped at a rest stop somewhere in California and the truck wouldn't start again. We called AAA and an hour later no one was there. We had some nice people offer some information, one of whom happened to be a mechanic. He told us what to do to get it started. At this point we just really wanted to make it to Tucson, since Jim is a mechanic we figured he'd know what to do.

Well unfortunately we didn't have enough gas to get all the way to his house. So we stopped in the biggest town we could find (Yuma) to get gas. Of course, the truck wouldn't start again. So an hour or so later, AAA shows up. Towtruck man tries to get it started, no luck. So we said thats okay, can you tow it somewhere so we can get a new battery. We find out his tow truck is broken. It won't tow. The other tow truck isn't available. Why did AAA send us a tow truck that won't tow??

Luckily we found a part store who would deliver the battery and Towtruck man stayed and put the new battery in for us. While all of this was going on, Amelia and I are running around the parking lot of the gas station, we finally decided to walk to a Carl's Jr. This was all in the middle of the day when it was really hot. So finally two hours after we pulled in for gas, we got back on the road.

The rest of the trip went pretty well. It was nice to see everyone, and of course Amelia loved it. It's always hard with her at someone else's house who doesn't have small children, but we survived, I think she only sat on the dining room table once or twice!

We made it back home safe and sound, although we had to take the truck to the mechanic once we got home to fix the steering. So if we keep replacing stuff at this rate, pretty soon I'll be driving an all new truck! :-)

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Jennifer said...

Yuck! That's too hot for no a/c. I'm glad it went well. What's up with Triple A? We just got them so I wonder how they will work in an emergency.....