Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When did they get so smart?

When did my sweet little baby turn into a full blown, way smarter than her mommy, toddler? It seems like she was my little bug, snuggling up on my shoulder just last week. Now she is everywhere and into everything.

She has managed to crawl out of her crib, and is now in a "big girl" bed. Her bedroom and bathroom are as babyproofed as I can get them, so she can safely wander around her room without getting hurt, if she decides to get out of her bed. She has been in the toddler bed for a few nights now, and seems to be doing pretty well sleeping in there. The hard part is nap times, her room is not dark at all thanks to the skylight over the bathroom, so it takes her a while to wind down and go get in bed. But she is usually in her bed asleep within 15 minutes so I can't complain too much.

Her new achievment today was figuring out how to take off her pants, and stick her fingers into her diaper(which happened to be full of poop) and smear poop all over my bedroom carpet. This was all while I was in the bathroom. That will teach me to go pee without bringing her into the bathroom with me!

I am amazed every day at the new things she is doing. I am so glad I get to be home to see them.

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