Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The cost of living in SoCal

So I know that all of you know, that I love to bitch about the cost of living in SoCal, especially here in OC. It's just rediculous. The median home price is something like 650k. The things we can afford, are not places I want to live. I don't want to pay $350k to live in a 900 square feet condo in the ghetto. Or move so far out that Jeff is commuting 2 hours each way and we don't see him.

So, we know we'll be renting for a while. Right now we live in South OC, and I was really hoping to move further north, closer to our friends, and closer to LA for Jeff. But so far, it looks like it's just not going to happen. Since we've been in this townhouse, I've gotten a bit more picky. I like my washer and dryer. I don't want to give it up. I like having 2+ bathrooms. When I look in HB everything is small (we have 1250 square feet now) and no washer and dryer hookup. I was hoping to find a house to rent, but most of what Im finding is way over the 2k a month mark. Sorry but I refuse to pay over $2000 a month in rent. If it was a house payment of our own it would be different. It's bad enough paying nearly that much for our townhouse now. We thought we might be able to find something suitable in Long Beach, but so far nothing up there is under 2000 either.

Oh well at least I don't have to pack and unpack right???

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