Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's hot

Now, I realize I live in Southern California, and part of that is heat. That being said, why does it have to be so hot? I didn't think Aliso Viejo would be that much hotter than HB was, but apparently it is. In fact it's usually about 9 degrees hotter according to At least we have central AC here.

Saturday it's supposed to be 96. And according to the weather guy on channel 9 it's also supposed to get really humid on Saturday.

I've decided I'm moving back to Oregon. There are some hot days there, but then it cools off in between. I don't like this hot every day stuff. Now if I could just convince my husband... LOL If certain members of my family didn't live in Oregon, he might be more agreeable. ( No mom I don't mean you!)

Whining over.

On another note, I got my first electric bill since we started using the AC. It was only $50 above normal. Wahoo. Now I can crank that baby up without feeling guilt. I try to leave it set at 78 and only turn it down when necessary. The problem is the thermostat is downstairs, which means if it's 78 downstairs, its about 85 upstairs. Which means I never really leave it at 78. LOL Shhh don't tell Jeff though.

One upside to the hot weather is I have been just hanging a lot of our clothes up on the drying rack in the laundry area. It's so hot out there stuff dries in a couple hours, which is great for the gas bill, and it's better for the clothes too. Amelias stuff seems to hold up better when I don't dry it in the dryer every time.

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