Thursday, April 12, 2007

So much for no eating in the new car. Amelia really needed a hair cut, and Kathy was going to get Aunica's done too, so today we took all the kids to Rainbow Haircutters. We all went in one car, and the first thing Amelia did was get a hold of her lunch box, and spread pirate booty all over the car. Then the kids all stepped in it and smooshed it into the carpet. I guess it's time for the new car's first trip to the car wash.

I am so sick of fighting with Amelia about doing her hair every morning, and her ripping her hair ties out, that we had the stylist give her bangs. Hopefully that will keep the hair out of her face a little better. No matter how hard I tried, her hair would not stay out of her face. Maybe the bangs will help.

If not it should only take a few years to grow them out. :-)


Jen said...

I hope you post a picture of her new hair cut soon :).

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