Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Sunday morning. Jeff's still sleeping. Amelia is playing with a roll of aluminum foil (don't ask) and Anthony is pulling himself up on one of his toys. He's going to be cruising and then walking before long.

Jeff and one of his buddies went to watch a fight last night, so I got to have an evening to myself. It was nice. I forget sometimes how much I need that quiet alone time. Okay so I only got an hour between when the kids went to bed and Jeff got home, but it was still nice. I think we're going to HB today to play at the beach, although right now it's pretty cloudy. Maybe we'll go this afternoon.

Amelia is so funny. She has unrolled almost a whole roll of foil, and laid it out across the living room floor. Now she is being a train and following the tracks. Anthony is fascinated with watching his big sister.


Di said...

It doesn't happen often but it is so different when you are home alone. Even if it is home alone with the kids!

Undercover Mother said...

Great things can be moulded from aluminum foil!!! Plus, better that than the plastic wrap!