Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random stuff

Whoever thought having a microwave mounted over the stove was a good idea, obviously was never a short person trying to scrub the thing out. I practically had to climb on top of the stove to get to the back of the microwave.

Have I mentioned lately that I miss having cleaning people come to my house??? LOL I think this is the first time I've really had to scrub out the microwave myself since it was installed almost a year ago.

Jeff and Amelia are at the beach. Anthony is napping. I am cleaning. It's so nice to clean without little people helping me. Maybe next week, all three of them will go do something fun! :-) Oh wait never mind, next weekend, I get to go to L.A. WITH NO CHILDREN and have a nanny night out. The fact that I am no longer a nanny is irrelevant. Half the nannies in the group are retired.

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TwentyFour7Auntie said...

And boy was that Nanny meet up FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!