Friday, January 16, 2009

It's late and I should be sleeping. Not sure why I'm still up.

So Anthony is sleeping in a bed now. It's the little bed that his crib turns into so I'm not sure how much longer he'll be in it. He's getting so big! Amelia is not even a whole head taller than he is. I liked the toddler bed we had for Amelia better, it had sides so she didn't roll out. Poor little man keeps rolling out of his bed. It's only about 8 inches off the floor, but still. However, I'm not going to buy him another toddler bed. I was contemplating putting the bunkbeds together. I'm not sure how I'd keep Anthony off the top bunk though. He's such a monkey! I need to check and see if we have all the pieces still. And we'd have to get another mattress. Anyway!

The weather here has been hot. Like summertime hot. It's weird! Now of course the forecast says showers next Saturday when I'm doing Amelia's birthday. GRRRR I guess I need to change the invite to say it will be at our house if the weather is bad. I guess everyone can squish! LOL

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Undercover Mother said...

I say put his mattress on the floor and call it good. The only reason little man got a toddler bed (I had sold all the toddler stuff before I knew I was going to have a third)is because it was left over from a yard sale and thus free. Just tell everyone his nursery style is Modern Loft.