Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

This is a sort of Random Tackle it Tuesday, but thought I'd post it all anyway.

I'm afraid this poor neglected blog may become really neglected in the coming months. We're officially in escrow. I won't believe it's all really happening until we get through the appraisal and inspection. Once those things are done I'll really be busy. I have so much to do in this house. I spent the morning getting the kids' closet organized, and their room all clean. That will make packing it up so much easier. I went through toys, went through their clothes and pulled out a lot of stuff. Right now their room is totally clean and organized, as is the kitchen. The living room and my room, not so much. I've also been doing laundry all day. Everyone has clean beds, but washing all those sheets and the kids blankies (they each have 1o they must sleep with I swear) is a pain in the rear.

As soon as Anthony wakes up, I am going to run some errands. When we get back, I'm going to tackle the living room toys and sweep and mop the wood floors. Good times!

Did you play tackle it Tuesday? Leave me a comment if you did!


Anonymous said...

I checked out your tackle because I'm in the middle of a move too! Good luck and I hope it is uneventful. ;) Prontip

L2L said...

Yep, looks like you're going to be really busy soon. Moving is no fun but so exciting, not sure how that works, lol.