Friday, June 26, 2009

Did ya miss me? Wait. Don't answer that. So anyway, I'm back. Still probably not going to be blogging too much, but I'll try and post here and there. And I promise there will be pictures of the new house soon. :-)

Things are progressing around here. We've got the new windows in. It's a lot quieter and much cooler in here already. The downside to the new windows is our already funky kitchen counters (tile that someone put in themselves) have bigger problems caused by the pass through windows. When the new windows were put in, they had to chip out some of the tile and it ended up cracking the tile all around my sink. So it looks like the kitchen redo is going to front of the list. We're trying to decide now if we're going to do new cabinets or just new counters. I love the size and layout of our kitchen. I can live with the current cabinets, Jeff hates them. I think it's just the stain that he hates though so I'm wondering if we could just refinish or paint them. We'll see. Right now I'm trying to pick out the counter tops. I'm really liking that the solid surface counter tops (think Corian). There are even some green options, one style we like is made with a portion of recycled materials. The ones I like are made by LG, pictures can be seen here. I really like the idea of having the sink integrated so it's all one piece. No seems to keep clean!

If you're reading this and have experienced solid surface counters, please leave me a comment. I'd like to hear about it! It's one thing to research and look at pictures it's another to hear from someone who has it in their house. Anyway. I should probably get to bed, I'm having a nanny party here tomorrow. Woohoo. :-)