Monday, July 06, 2009

What did you do today?

Today I

Got up at 530.
Took a shower.
Had a cup of tea.
Made 3 beds.
Prepared breakfast.
Filled up the water and sand table.
Played in the back yard.
Made mud pies with the kids.
Washed dishes.
Unloaded the dishwasher.
Vacuumed the dried mud off the floors.
Spot steam cleaned the carpet.
Bathed the kids.
Baked brownies with Amelia.
Made lunch for myself and the kids.
Washed dishes.
Unpacked two more boxes.
Dug up some more of the ditch we're digging in the back yard.
Signed Amelia up for a ballet class that started today.
Drove all over trying to find the right outfit/shoes for ballet.
Drove across town to the ballet class.
Spent an hour chasing Anthony around the ballet studio.
Explained to the teacher that Amelia does not have three brothers (named Anthony, Jack, and Chance. HA)
Supervised (and kept the kids away from) the guy from the window company while he made some repairs.
Washed, hung up, folded and put away a lot of laundry.
Weeded my flower beds.
Took out the compost. (That stuff stinks! Ewww)
Swept and mopped the kitchen floor.
Glued Anthony's dresser drawer back together(someone remind me why I put an antique dresser in a kid's room?)
Went through all the kids toys, and put them back where they go.
Sorted through half of Amelia's closet.(have to do Anthony's tomorrow)
Did puzzles with the kids.
Tried to convince Anthony not to wear the laundry basket on his head.
Changed 3 poopy diapers and a lot more peepee ones.

It's 730. Ant is in bed, but not sleeping. Jeff and Amelia just ran to get ice cream. I think I'm ready for bed.

What did you do today?


Connel said...

WOW I feel unproductive!! said...

Ugh, I thought about doing a post similar to this. But it's dizzying when you see it written!

I need to glue some dressers together too. Someone remind me why I bought dressers from Wal Mart!?