Saturday, July 25, 2009

I survived! The actual visit to the dentist was great. I think the most painful thing was getting the IV put in! Okay and maybe the little pinch when I got the shots. Most of the procedure is pretty hazy. I remember them putting oxygen on me, and an automatic BP cuff. Then I got a heart rate monitor and next was the oxygen sensor on my finger. Last they put something over my eyes and put in the IV. I remember the doctor asking me a few times if I was sleepy yet. Then he started doing the Novocaine. He did an excellent job. I've never done well with anesthesia but I didn't feel a thing. I have vague recollections of conversations going on around me, and the doctor commenting when the first tooth came out. The next thing I remember it was half an hour later and we were all done. It went faster than anticipated, they came out easily.

So thanks for all the well wishes I got on here and in emails. I highly recommend getting some sort of sedation for big dental work if you're nervous. I really appreciated that the dentist also called me last night to check on me. This was my first experience at this dental office and they definitely get 5 stars in my opinion. Amelia has a check up on Friday, wish me luck that it goes well! LOL The kid loves brushing her own teeth (with lots of toothpaste) but she's not real big on letting anyone else near her teeth.

Totally unrelated (I'm going through mail while I'm writing this) I keep getting junk mail for random vacations. I'm not sure whose list I got on, but they think I'm loaded and want to take lots of vacations. Yeah, cause I have so much extra $$ that I can afford to pack up the family and have a vacation across the country with Outer Banks rentals. Seriously though, I wonder how they pick who is on those lists.


TwentyFour7Auntie said...

I'm so glad it went so well!!

I hate the dentist and have never had a good experience. I need to make an's been a little bit since I've gone. eEeEk!

Tiara said...

I'm so glad it went better, and easier then expected! I need some wisodm teeth pulled but I'm too much of a scaredy cat to take care of it right now. They are bothering me more and more though, I have a feeling my time is coming :?