Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I can't remember what I've posted about lately. Did I tell you all about our furniture buying experiences? We spent a lot of money at Ikea, I found the most perfect couch there. (Well it's perfect for us, and it has nothing to do with aesthetics.) Ikea has this furniture line where you can pick your own cover. So the couch isn't really upholstered. You buy the couch, then you buy your covers. Once they are put on, they look much better than a separate cover you'd buy at Macy's or wherever. And the best part? It can all be thrown in the washer! So yeah, experience shopping at Ikea was great. One of my friends recomended this other furniture store to me. She went on and on about how great it was, so I went to check it out. I was a little disappointed when I arrived however and I found out it was a commercial furniture store. It had office furniture mostly. Not sure how that would help my house but oh well. It's that thought that counts. Maybe she thought we needed industrial grade furniture for it to stand up to my kids? LOL

I have a bunch of furniture I still want to purchase for my house. I'd like a new dining set ( don't tell my husband) and I'd love to get a new headboard and bedroom furniture. Unfortunately Jeff bought our bedroom set and dining set way before I knew him and he refuses to part with them. Even though they are all in pretty bad shape.

I don't remember now what the point of this post was. LOL I have to go to the dentist tonight to find out about getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and I'm just a bit nervous and distracted. Wish me luck.


TwentyFour7Auntie said...

Lol. Pooer thing! I hate the dentist..

Whats up with Men not wanting to part with something?

My Jeff has 6 pillows..they are VERY old..and I would LOVE to replace them with new ones. He wont let me!!! So, I asked if I could get new matching pillow cases. Nope. Grr..I told him I wouldn't marry him unless we got all NEW bedding when we did. LOL :D

Slovebunny said...

You know you guys are saving money compared to what your rent was... he should be willing to buy you a little furniture to go in the house :)

Just saying!

OMG we so need to come visit you in that new house!

Tiara said...

I love furniture shopping! I'm with you on wanting a new dining and bedroom set. The table we have in our dining room was given to us by my in laws. The chairs have come and gone over the years. The table is in great condition but I'd much rather have a square or rectangular dining table over the ovel one we have now. Our bedroom furniture was purchased when I was newly pregnant with Mason, we'd just moved to Ft. Campbell. We had a lot of furniture to buy on a small budget, we went for a cheapy bedroom set. I hated the color even back then but it was all that was in stock. Hate it even more now LOL The drawer fronts are coming undone, among lots of other things. I have the perfect bedroom all planned out in my head! I found a bedding set I adore, know what paint colors I would use, wall decor, and plan to buy nesting tables from SL to use as night stands. I'm gonna check freecycle and craigslist for solid wood dressers. I figure I can always re-finish them to look like a matching set.