Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quiet time.

We have been so busy here. Who knew summers at home could be so crazy. I like it this way though, the kids get in far less trouble when we're off doing stuff. Monday I was sick so we had to skip our playdate. I did drag myself out of bed to take Amelia to ballet tough. Tuesday we went to the park and to story time at the library. Wednesday we got the kids hair cut, then had a trip to costco and the grocery store. Thursday we stayed home and got stuff done around the house, although we did make it to the park in our tract for an hour in the morning. . Friday was a trip to OC for swimming at Tiffeny's. I got sooo sun burnt. It's two days later and I'm still bright pink and cringing when anyone touches my back or shoulders. The kids had a blast though. Anthony's still not sure about the pool, but he's getting better about not freaking out too much.

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's market. The kid each picked out a cactus and we got some fruit and veggies too. Next we went to Fairmount park and drove around the lake. Then we let the kids run around in the rose gardens. It reminded me of some the old parks and rose gardens in Portland. Then last night we packed up a dinner and went to another park. We ate and then the kids ran around and played. Then once the sun started setting we set up our chairs and blankets on the grass and got ready to enjoy a movie courtesy of the city's Parks and Rec Department. It seems like there are a lot of free or cheap activities to do around here especially in the summer. I think next week (once my sun burn goes away) we're going to try out the local pool.

When you add in the baking Amelia insists we do regularly, cleaning the house, doing laundry, making meals and our ongoing projects in the yard, it's been crazy busy around here. But I like it that way. Jeff and Amelia are at the grocery store getting a couple things I need to make some banana bread. ( I bought too many bananas at Costco this week. Ooops.) Anthony is napping and I'm doing laundry, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

I actually took a few more house pictures I'll try and get up in the next few days too. I've already rearranged Amelia's room again since the last pictures, and I'm fianlly starting to hang pictures and things on the walls.

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