Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To do list

I know it's probably silly, but for whatever reason posting my to do list really helps motivate me. So, here's today's list.
  1. Clean Amelia's room. It's turned into a pit again. Is it bad that in some ways I can't wait for her to start school because it will be easier to get her to let go of some of her toys? Then I can sneak them out while she is out of the house. The girl holds onto every broken toy, each piece of paper and any random thing she can hide away in her room. And they are all treasures to her and it's like WWIII to get them away from her. However, if the stuff leaves while she isn't here, she almost never even notices.
  2. Clean out the van
  3. Vacuum and wash the van
  4. Go to home depot and figure out which shelves I need to buy for the hall closet.
  5. Get at least one flower bed weeded.
  6. Take the kids for a walk/bike ride.
  7. Put away the 37 loads of clean laundry that are currently covering the bed in the office.
What's on your to do list today?


Di said...

ha ha wake up, go to bed and do something in between.

Unknown said...

I need to make more to do lists! Good luck with your daughters room. Di has been listening to me complain for years about my daughters room!