Monday, August 02, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: August 2nd

It's Monday again! Where did the weekend go? We got a lot done around here, Jeff did a ton of work in the yard. It looks pretty good out there. I figure we'll get all of the projects done around the house about the time we're ready to move on to a new house. ;-)

Okay on to the menus. Last weeks menus went pretty well. The ratatouille was really good. I wasn't crazy about the lemon chicken, like I thought I'd be. The chicken itself was really good and moist and not dried out. But the sauce at the end ruined it for me. Next time I think I'd just skip that part.

Again all my menus this week are from

Monday:Peachy Keen Pork, steamed sweet potatoes, salad
Tuesday: Grilled Sesame Ginger Chicken, brown rice, salad
Wednesday: Smothered Flounder, steamed broccoli, salad
Thursday: Turkey Lettuce Pitas, sliced veggies
Friday: Pizza or Fend for yourself night
Saturday:Caramelized Pork Medallions, corn bread, veggies, salad
Sunday:Lemon-Thyme Sirloin Steak, garlic bread, broccoli and salad.

Go visit Laura for more menu planning, and leave me a comment if you posted menus this week, I'll stop by and say hello.