Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer time...

Where did summer vacation go? Our school year is a little different than many others, the kids get out of school in May and go back at the beginning of August. We've got less than a month until school starts up again.The time has flown by. I haven't checked on this blog, or read any other blogs in weeks. We've been busy doing things like story time at the library, play dates at the park, bowling in OC with our friends, visiting water parks, doing art projects,and playing many many rounds of Duck Duck Bruce, Blokus 3D and The Ladybug game. We've gone on lots of walks with Dusty. We've visited half the parks in this city, and some in other cities. Amelia has started Karate. We've had barbecues, visited friends around LA and I've done a lot of spring cleaning. The kids rooms, toys and clothes have all been sorted, organized and purged. I'm working on my closet now. Next up is the kitchen. Jeff has been super busy at work, and has done some traveling, the next trip will be 8 days long. Eep.

We've also spent a lot of time at various doctor's offices. I'm having surgery in the next couple of months and I have had to do a ton of stuff to get through the approval and preop process. Physicals, labs, classes, support groups, ultrasounds, EKG's consultations, seminars, hospital visits etc. Thank goodness this isn't a time sensitive surgery, cause I'd have died by now. Seriously, I started the process last November. I've spent more time visiting doctors' offices in the last year, than I have in my whole life before. That includes when I was pregnant. On the plus side I'm mostly in good health. Cholesterol, BP, etc are all good. We did discover my gallbladder has to come out, but that can happen at the same time as the other procedure and shouldn't add much to the surgery or recovery times. I'm a little nervous as this procedure will require general anesthesia but I've heard and read nothing but good things about this surgeon and once it's all said and done, life will be better and that's what matters.

So I'm still around. I'm enjoying this summer with the kids. Next year, things will be so different. I think this surgery will have a huge positive impact on my life. Anthony will be in preschool five mornings a week. Amelia will go from half days of kindergarten to the full days of 1st grade. I'll have time alone on a regular basis for the first time in six years. Things are changing. And I think it's gonna all gonna turn out pretty well.

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