Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I love

I keep finding posts I like I share or remember for later. I love this post from La Dolce Vita about road trip activities! I always need stuff for the kids to do on the long car ride to Grandma's house in Oregon. We are also always in need of things for Anthony to do during Amelia's karate class, when it's 100+ it's too hot for this Mama on the playground. And it's not very realistic to expect him to sit quietly in the karate class for an hour. My favorite is this
"I Spy" bottles.
These are bottles filled with rice and
lots of fun animals and objects to find.
I used buttons that were on clearance at the craft store.
We just ask, "Can you find the turtle?"
Some people take a picture of all the objects
before putting them in and then tie the pic on with a string.

Although I'm not sure how she keeps the rice in the bottle, super glue the lid on maybe?

The magic jars over at Erica's Bloggity Blog.

This post from Spunky Junky might be my favorite ever. (And she's got a lot of great posts.) Mostly because Amelia was that super energetic toddler, and because those sorts of things happened to me all the time. And I love that's she's showing a real side of motherhood, that we often miss giving an accurate portrayal of. I think it helps to see someone else have a bad day. So thanks for sharing!


{Erica} said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

About the cake pans...I got them at Michaels. They are Wilton brand and are 6 inch rounds. I usually use a pyrex dish I have when I want a 4 inch round :) It's the perfect size for our family and when we have 3 birthdays within in 3 weeks of each other it's awesome because we can enjoy each birthday/cake and not be sick of cake!

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