Friday, September 16, 2011

Another thing

One more thing I didn't realize about this surgery, is how much time I would spend focused on food even though I can't eat. I spend all day thinking about food and eating and drinking. Is it time to eat yet? How many minutes is it until I can drink again? (Food and drinks cannot be taken in at the same time.) Which medicine or vitamin should I be taking at this time of day? Did I measure my "meal" properly (I have 1/4 of a cup of soft foods up to 4 times a day)? How many more ounces of protein shake do I need to choke down? How many weeks is it until I can add in some fruit or veggies? Am I getting enough protein in today? Am I going to vomit? Will this stuffed feeling ever go away? I start out at a meal feeling full and before I eat 1/4 cup of food, I'm starting to feel like I'm going to be sick.


Liz said...

Just take a deep breath. I still have days like this! lol but its been totally worth it :)

Julie said...

It must be so hard. Have you tried the fruit flavored protien drinks that are more like juice?

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