Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're off to a rough start...

Three weeks. That's how long Amelia has off of school for Christmas vacation. I had all these plans of activities and little things to go during the day. Then, Monday morning, Anthony came to my room about 2 AM. He climbed in bed, snuggled in, and promptly starting throwing up. All my plans for the day went out the window. Even with the illness we ended up having a pretty good day.

I've picked up some new playdough toys while Christmas shopping and had them put away for a rainy (or sick!) day. A few new shapes and cutters can make them so excited about playing with something simple like playdough. The playdough kept them entertained for an hour or more, while I got all the laundry sorted and going. Sick kiddo means lots of extra washing.

Amelia put on shows with her Zoobles. Of course, I was the audience. These are her new favorite toys. She got them at a Christmas party over the weekend, and I don't think she's been more than a few feet away from them since. They even went to The Nutcracker with us.

We had lots of snuggle time with the sickie boy and the blankie he likes to steal borrow from the couch. (Since he "lost" his blankie, he just finds other things to snuggle, pretty much anything knitted will work. I keep finding his scarf in his bed.)

And of course, if I have snuggle pictures with one kid, I have to take one with the other kid too. Poor Amelia wanted to go and do and we just couldn't. Anthony stopped getting sick by mid day, but I just didn't want to take him to the park or the dog park in case the pukies weren't really gone.

I love this little cook book. My mom or my sister found it at a yard sale years ago, and somehow it got passed on to me. So Amelia and I made some Strawberry Smashup Muffins. I can't eat them, but the kids loved them.

The kids thought this part of the day was pretty exciting. Anthony has an old TV in his room that sits under his bed. It doesn't have cable and most of the time it doesn't have a DVD player either, so he doesn't get to watch it much. But once in a while they get to take the DVD player in there and watch a show. Usually when I just don't want to see Dora on the 50" screen in the living room.

I made biscuits, with cutters picked by the kids of course, and chicken noodle soup for dinner. While I was finishing up the soup, this is what the kids were doing.
Amelia said she had to stand on the very top of the slide to see the beautiful sunset.

Even days that start off a little rough and involve sickies, a lot of bleach and extra laundry for me, can be good days. I just have to remember that.

What are you all doing for your Christmas vacations? We've got some more fun stuff planned, Disney on ice, a trip to the beach, a visit to Disneyland, I'll post more later on hopefully.