Tuesday, November 06, 2012

People are crazy!

I'm glad the election is over. All day on Facebook and twitter and in tv ads, I've been listening to so much hate. I get that you're happy your candidate won. And I understand that you are upset that your pick lost. But let's act like adults. Calling names, posting derogatory things in all caps every few minutes isn't helping. It's part of the problem. We're all so divided. And really the president isn't the only one with power. We have tons of elected officials and local and national levels you can't place all the blame or all the praise on one person. If you're unhappy do something about it. Volunteer your time to the things that are important to you. Let your representatives know what's important to you and work to get them to support those causes. Give your money and time to those causes. But enough of the hate and meanness.

I had to mute a few people on Facebook tonight. Name calling isn't cool. Hopefully I can remember to unmute them later, it's mostly people I generally have respect for.