Sunday, May 22, 2005

Only ten days left...

...until Amelia and I leave for Portland. I am so excited to go see everyone. I will miss Jeff so much though, and I know Amelia will too. She is always so excited to see him when he gets home from work. I'm starting to think of all the things I have to remember to bring with us I need to make a big list and just start adding.

We got a lot done yesterday, went and ran some errands, and we went and got library cards for Jeff and me, although I think we will be looking at one of the other local libraries as well, the Hungtington Beach one is not part of the OC public library system, so they do some weird stuff. It costs money to request a book from another library. It also costs quite a bit to check out videos or dvds or books on tape. I was really disapointed by that. The library is supposed to be free! Oh well. I guess I'm not too surprised.

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