Friday, July 29, 2005


I decided today to take some pictures of Amelia, she is six months old now. Of course now that she is getting older ( and quicker) it's much harder to take her picture! She kept taking off. She wanted to sit in my lap and eat the camera while I took her picture. Here is my favorite of the pictures I took. I think we'll have to go to the photographer and get pictures done.

It's amazing how big my baby is getting. It can't be a half a year ago that I had her. She's crawling, chewing on everything, eating lots of foods, and even pulling up to standing. I miss my little snuggle bug, she would just burrow into my arms.


Brianna said...

She's beautiful! Was she crawling already at 6 months? Evelyn tries to but she hasn't mastered it yet.

Nicky Stade said...

Cute! That's exactly what Emily did...if she didn't know I was taking her pic, she was fine. As soon as she saw the camera, it was all over. LOL