Monday, February 12, 2007

On turning 2...

Amelia is two now. She is doing amazing things. She can count to 13. She can sing most of the alphabet (She gets confused after qrst and goes back to the beginning.) She is almost completely potty trained. She is speaking in sentences. Over the weekend, Jeff heard her say "daddy please open the door" when she was done with her nap. She loves Dora the Explorer. She loves to sing and dance. She hates to be wet or poopy, and will usually change herself if she has an accident. She is so curious about everything. She has an amazing memory, and is great at repeating what we say. "Kitty get down!" is one of her favorite things to say. She can climb to the top of a huge playstructure and go down the slide. She loves the swings. She asks to go "bye bye in car please". She is so smart. She will move the dining room chairs around the house so she can reach what she wants. She knows where things go, and is starting to help put them back in their place. She says "Bless you" if someone sneezes. She asks "You okay?" if someone coughs. She is so independent. Sometimes when she gets mad she will hit mommy or daddy. But then she will pat us and say, "sorry". She loves her friends. She talks about Abbie often. Anytime she colors she looks for her. She also loves her friend Jack. She now knows when we turn on Jack's street, and starts yelling "Jack, where are you?"

It seems like so long ago that she was the small fragile newborn that I was holding in the picture below. Now she's a person. This mom thing is the most amazing, hard, crazy, thing I have ever done. And I have a feeling it's just going to become more so.


Undercover Mother said...

She can count to 13 at TWO?

If I were you, I'd get started on the other stuff right now, like dot-to-dots and coloring all the triangles red and stuff. I started with my eldest at 3 and she was reading chapter books before Kindergarten BUT the second one isn't like that at all, but she can already out-art her elder sister, so I'm not really pushing her on the "academic" stuff. She just fights it and so I have to be careful to let her learn without her knowing it!

Jen said...

Wow, that's awesome. I love reading your stories of Amelia because I learn about of all the things I can look forward to :).