Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby stuff

Not sure if I've updated about baby stuff lately. We've picked a name. Anthony. I had my 20 week ultrasound, it was cool to see him moving all over the place. It took forever. I was in there for over an hour. I was so tired that day that I was a little oblivious. At the end of the ultrasound the tech said my doctor would have the results by the end of the day. I said okay, so they'll go over it at the next appointment right? All she said was "or they'll call you." I should have known something was wrong.

The midwife called that night. She is one of those people who always sounds like she is nervous or something is wrong. She could be saying hello and you think "oh god, she's going to tell me someone just blew up disneyland or something." Anyway, she told me that there was a slight problem with the baby, his umbilical cord should have 3 vessels and it only has 2. Then she said "he might be just fine." MIGHT? You're telling me my kid MIGHT be fine???

Anyway that was all the info I got from her, she said they'd be calling to set up another ultrasound, that now it all had to be scheduled through the perinatal coordinator. So of course I went to google and found out the condition is called Single Umbilical Artery, and 70 percent of the time the kid is fine. It is more likely to occur with other birth defects. The baby is also more likely to not thrive as well during the 3rd trimester. So anyway, to make a long ass story a little shorter, I had the level 2 Ultrasound. It was very cool. We were there for 2 hours. Poor Jeff didn't get to go, we thought Amelia had strep throat (she didn't) so we couldn't leave her with anyone. So Jeff stayed home with her and Kathy went to the US. The first part was with the tech, they did the same stuff as a normal US, just measuring everything. That took about 45 minutes. Then Kathy got to come in for the rest, it was with a doctor of Radiology. He was cool because he could actually talk to me about what he saw and show us stuff, whereas the tech's can't say anything about anything.

So, the baby was fine at that point. He was measuring about a week and a half small, but everything else looked great. He checked his heart, (that was amazing, we got to see it in slow motion) all of his other organs, his head shape and size and everything. That part took over an hour. So the chances of birth defects is much less now. I will get another level 2 US every 8 weeks to make sure he is still doing well. So now the main concern is he keeps gaining weight. They will do more frequent ultrasounds towards the end to make sure he is doing okay. Once we got through the level 2 US and they said everything looked good I calmed down a lot. So if you all could just think some good thoughts or say a prayer for us I'd appreciate it.


Jen said...

Yay for you, so glad everything worked out and the baby is fine :)

Slovebunny said...

you and Anthony will be in our prayers. I'm gald every thing looks good. I will update everyone up here about you and tell everyone to thing good thoughts.

Love ya
Mar :)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you guys, Steph. :) I'm sure whatever happens, God will show you His will. I love you lots! said...

Wow, Steph. You've been through it, haven't you? You and your family are in my prayers! Babies are so resilient and tough, he's going to be just fine!

After Noah was born and was so sick, the docs gave me all these scenarios as to why he was so sick-- Leukemia, immune disorders, blindness, and even damage to his brain from lesions caused by this rare infection. I, at times, prayed so hard and cried out loud because I thought I was going to lose him. I begged God, when he was 2 days old, to take me instead of him. It sounds so weird to talk about now because I never shared that on my blog, and he's so healthy and smart and beautful that you would never know we went through that. He beat all the odds, and God has a plan for him. I don't mean to go on and on about me. I just wanted you to know that I can relate to that heaviness in your heart. But do know that someone has a plan for that little fellow that the Doctors and their sometimes pessimistic ways just can't comprehend. You can though. Keep your chin up, Sweetie! He's going to be just fine!

Melanie said...

Got your comment about the bedding. I don't know about where you live, but all the monkey boy stuff is on clearance here. You may want to buy it sooner than later in case they sell out.

Undercover Mother said...

I think some people make a hobby out of freaking out pregnant women. When we were pregnant with Princess, the doctor called and said the AFP test had come back abnormal. A ton of tests and lots of stress later, she was born with two crooked toes. That's it. Two crooked toes.

So hang in there, because the older you get, the more you realize that doctors don't know everything.

Amelia said...

So funny... I will have to tell Tony that there will be a brother and sister out there with our first names!