Friday, June 22, 2007

We have new sandals. I took the kiddo to Nordies today and got her some new shoes. They aren't as cute (or as expensive! LOL) as the Ecco's but they are still cute.

Poor Amelia has been cooped up in the house so much the last week since she has been sick, that I think she was just really excited to get out of the house. She ran all over the mall, it was great. We found a little toy store and bought her some glow in the dark stars for her ceiling. These ones are not the regular yellow, they are all sorts of colors swirled together. She was so excited to have them and her shoes, she carried one bag on each arm. We have to get Daddy to put them up for us though, he gets a little mad when I climb on things. Not my fault that being pregnant makes me even less graceful than i was before....Then we came home and had a nap.

She seems to have suddenly figured out the potty training. She is even staying dry during her naps! I still have to remind her to go, she doesn't tell me all the time on her own that she needs to pee, but she is doing so much better!

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