Saturday, June 02, 2007


the only time I have time to read blogs anymore, or even post in my blog, is in the middle of the night. It's a little after 4, and I have been up since 230. My back is killing me, and I just can't sleep anymore. I just LOVE being pregnant. (Can you all see me rolling my eyes??)

On the plus side we went shopping last night for a new bed. The one we have now is just a little sad, and old, and tired. And this pregnant lady has had enough. Actually it was Jeff's idea. He's probably sick of hearing me complain. :-) It's also much bigger than our current bed, so when little people want to come snuggle with Mommy and Daddy, no one will get beat up. Especially not Mommy, who often ends up on the couch if Amelia comes to visit during the night. Thank goodness she doesn't do it often. Our new bed is being delivered this weekend.

One cool thing about living where we live, we are actually getting to know our neighbors a little. The salesman at the mattress store was a nice older guy, not at all pushy, and full of information. He and Jeff were filling out the paperwork for the delivery and Jeff said our street name. The saleman said he lived on the same street, by a certain cross street. Jeff said, that's where we live! It turns out the guy and his wife live in the house next door to our condo complex. We walk by his house all the time, talk to his cats, and I admire their cute front porch and plants. When we were leaving he said stop by anytime we're out walking and say hello.

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