Monday, July 09, 2007


I'm getting a little nervous about my upcoming trip to Oregon. Flying with Amelia is always an adventure, but that shouldn't be too bad, she will have her own seat, and will be buckled in her car seat.

What concerns me is the actual trip. I love my family, and I love seeing them. But it's always hard staying at someone else's house. My mom just moved to a nice new big house, so Amelia and I will have a nice room to stay in. But, her new house has a big open floor plan, and so all of her antiques, and collectables are on display in the main rooms. Her last house was a 100 year old house so it had many small rooms and we were able to gate off the breakables room. My mom doesn't seem to worried about it, she thinks Amelia is old enough to learn to not touch things. I'm hoping though that she realizes Amelia is used to a mostly baby proofed house, so she is going to be learning that lesson on her breakies. Eep. The other thing is I swear this is some filter between my brain and my mouth that is inactivated by pregnancy hormones. I am usually pretty good at keeping my mouth shut when my mom or my sister says silly things, but when it's 100 degrees out and I'm pregnant and stuck in someone else's house with no car of my own, it might be bad. Eep. Oh well, other than all of that, I'm really excited to go see everyone. My cousin Connie is coming from Florida too so it should be fun.

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Slovebunny said...

Hey when you going to OR????