Thursday, July 12, 2007

Organic Farming

Sometimes I miss living where I grew up. I was talking to a friend the other day who still lives in the little town we grew up in. She has small kids like me, and can't imagine raising them somewhere like this. Sometimes I'm a little jealous because I didn't plan to raise my kids here either. However, there are some amazing things here, that I just don't think my kids could experience back home.

Yesterday Amelia and I, and our playgroup went to Tanaka Farms. Tanaka Farms is the largest organic farm in orange conty. We go 2-3 times a year for strawberry picking, watermelon picking and for the pumpking patch in October. This trip was for watermelons. We rode on a wagon around the farm, stopping at different locations to try some of the things growing. Fresh out of the dirt the raw corn, green beans, carrots and tomatoes tasted better than anything from the grocery store. We arrived at a little tent where we were served fresh table cucumbers as well as pickling cukes. They were all wonderful. Even the littlest pickiest eaters were eating the veggies. Then we had some fresh watermelon. It was sticky drippy heaven. After that the kids got to pick out a watermelon of their own from the patch and we rode on the wagons back to the entrance. Then we had lunch and headed home.

It was a good day, and probably not something we could have experienced back in Ocean Park, WA.

Today we're going to my friend Tiffeny's to swim in her pool, and Saturday we'll be at disneyland for a birthday party. There are definitely some perks to living in Southern California.


Jen said...

That sounds like a great idea. How much does it cost for the tour?

Melanie said...

How much fun! I'm jealous. There is a blueberry farm we keep talking about going to. Maybe I'll convince the hubs to do that this weekend. I'll share your fun story! said...

Wish I could say I was going to Disneyland this weekend! Sometimes I miss a bigger city. I want stores and things to do. Here there are a few bike paths and parks, a movie theater, and a WalMart. There are shops downtown that are fancy, but people who live here spend so much money to live here that only the tourists can afford those shops downtown. It's depressing sometimes. There's 2 restaurants that are chain type-- Applebees and Denny's. I want some Olive Graden, some Chuck-E-Cheese, some Outback Steakhouse. It stinks living in a small town sometimes. But I do have fresh air, hardly ever a crime happens here, people know one another. So there are perks...

We have no organic farms here because it's so dry it isn't really a fertile place for growing things. Sounds like a fun place to visit!

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